underwater photography course

by Przemek Zyber


21-28.03.2020 - Top of the South
06.06-13.06.2020 - wracks - Top of the North
15-22.08.2020 - Fury Shoal - family safari

Przemysław Zyber: przemek zyberInstructor underveter photography and underwater movie making.

Programm of the underwater photography course: 

  • Composition: A photograph is like a good book, and just like a book, it will be enjoyable only if what you are trying to show is framed perfectly.

    Light: Take advantage of light and shade to make your memories a true delight.

    Model: Communication with the model and mutual understanding is the foundation of a perfect photograph.

    Postproduction: Discover some amazing tricks, that will make your photos breathtaking.

Price 190 euro, lus certification: 5 euro

(other terms: barbara.bialek@seatreasure.pltel: 504 508 526

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